Signs of change (red osier)

Looking back over the last month or so, I realize I saw the first fragile signs of the coronavirus pandemic receding in, of all places, the grocery store. For the last year, grocery trips have been pretty stark: one person per family, and as few trips as possible.  If we see a friend or acquaintance,Continue reading “Signs of change (red osier)”

Unexpected winter critters

Our walks through the woods takes us across a small bridge over a stream, down a wooden walkway built over a wet area, and then on a flat, gently winding path that ends in a view of the lake.  Because this path is just at end of our road, we walk it often, even moreContinue reading “Unexpected winter critters”

Mixed blessings (goldenrods and ragweed)

Today I am enjoying our summer-like weather in early fall, lying on my hammock under a brilliant blue sky, listening to the wind blow through the trees. Yes, that same wind does periodically drop leaves from the honey locust in our backyard right into my coffee cup, and yes, the leaves on the maple treeContinue reading “Mixed blessings (goldenrods and ragweed)”

The beauty before us: Blackberries and queen anne’s lace

I spent a lot of my summer vacation days outside as a kid.  We didn’t have cable TV, and with only three stations coming in clearly, television didn’t offer much distraction.  Our Atari game system was good for hours of entertainment, shooting aliens, avoiding meteors, frog-jumping over cars on a highway… (children of the 70’sContinue reading “The beauty before us: Blackberries and queen anne’s lace”

A little fun: birds and grass carrying wasps

I’ve been enjoying our back porch this summer, sitting under our shady honey locust drinking coffee, or relaxing, or reading, or eating. I especially enjoy the hammock my family gave me for my birthday this spring – why did it take me so long to get a hammock??   While I’m outside, I watch andContinue reading “A little fun: birds and grass carrying wasps”