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Colstfoot, bright and brave

We are already a good two or three weeks into spring here in southern New England, and like most springs, the weather has swung widely back and forth between frost and snow and warm weather, so warm, in fact, that on one 75 degree day my younger son went swimming in the lake with his…

Signs of change (red osier)

Looking back over the last month or so, I realize I saw the first fragile signs of the coronavirus pandemic receding in, of all places, the grocery store. For the last year, grocery trips have been pretty stark: one person per family, and as few trips as possible.  If we see a friend or acquaintance,…


News stories are appearing everywhere about new coronavirus variants appearing globally (in 31 countries as of Dec 31, 2020) and in the U.S. (California, Florida, Colorado).  While print and online sources generally treat this news with caution, talk of mutant viruses is front and center in the television and radio news cycle.  On my short…

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